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Wide varieties of car parking shades are readily designed in standard dimensions for immediate installation. This type can be installed individually or in series form depending upon the specified plan layout for the shade. Car Parking Sheds can be fabricated in singly cantilever or on both sides.


With 1000+ Projects and plenty of Designs, Mister Shade ranks top in the Car parking shades supplier in UAE. Most common applications of this type are for car park shades, sun shades, pavilions, bleacher shades, walkways, horse shades, and garden canopy, pool shades, etc. Since it is cantilever the other edge will be free of any obstacles and convenient for space constraints.


Car Parking Shades suppliers in UAE 

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Why you need Car Parking Shades?


UAE is known for its scorching heat and daily news of car combustion during summer. As the country is growing at a fast pace, with more and more people finding shelter in the UAE, the number of vehicles on the roads are increasing at an exponential rate. 


This pushes us to provide context for an architectural structure and a game-changing urban landscape design - Car Parking Shade. Mister Shade ME the best car parking sheds supplier / Manufacturers across UAE- Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Um al Qwain, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah.


These products are manufactured with the latest technologies under the strict guidance of our highly skilled engineers. Moreover, the blend of quality with the most recent technologies will let us customize the designs according to our customer's desires.


Types of Car Parking Shades:

  • - Arch Cantilever
  • - Cone Type Cantilever
  • - Pyramid Cantilever
  • - Flat Sail Cantilever
  • - Simple Arch Cantilever
  • - Hanging Umbrella
  • - Umbrellas Parking Shades
  • - Wall Mounted Shades
  • - Sail Shades 
  • - Solar Carports


Mister Shade ME is the best car parking shade supplier in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and across UAE. We offer the Best Car Parking Sheds, Car Park or Car Parking Sheds in Dubai, UAE with variety of Structure Material and Fabrics, please check below for types of fabrics


Car Parking Sheds - HDPE

Car parking shades

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) is a high-quality fabric used in parking shades and tensile structures. The fabric is manufactured using high-quality materials to function for a more extended period. It is designed for maximum strength, durability, and protection. 

Proven to resist UV rays, this fabric can withstand harsh weather as well. This type of material is highly recommended for the people who would like to enhance their outdoor space within the budget. It is one of the most cost-effective fabric shade available in the market. Both waterproof and non-water proof materials are available- depending upon the client requirement we use it for car parking sheds and other urban spaces.


Car Parking Sheds - PVC

Car Parking Shades PVC

PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is a fabric used in the car parking shades well known for its amazing properties. There are plenty of good qualities for this fabric, such as UV resistance, cold resistance, durability, etc. The material is 100 percent waterproof and can withstand harsh weather. It is also an economical solution for parking shades. Our PVC fabric will protect the car parking area from the sun, hence maintaining the color and heat of the car. 


Car Parking Shed - PVC Mesh

PVC mesh is a very popular and cost-effective roofing system which is designed to keep interior temperatures cooler during warmer weather conditions. These type of fabric are used in the areas with high UV level. It is a strong, durable and long-lasting material.


Parking Sheds Applications:


  • - Office / Mall Parking
  • - Bleacher shade
  • - Walkways shade
  • - Pavilion shades
  • - Horse shades
  • - Garden canopy
  • - Pool shades


Mister Shade ME's car parking shade services in Dubai have an exceptional reputation for the fantastic quality and timely delivery. We have a wide array of Car Parking shades tents in our factory to deliver the best service possible for our clients. 

Plenty of parking shades are readily available in our factory for quick installation. It can be installed individually or in a series form depending upon the specified plan layout for the shade. However, the shades can be fabricated with a single cantilever or cantilevers on both sides. 

The other edge of the shade will be free of any obstacles and convenient for space constraints. 


Being the best service provider for the past 23 years, Mister Shade ME have been opted by Dubai’s high-profile clients for their Car parking shade purposes.



You can find out more about our Car Parking Shade products by placing a call to our customer service department. We are more than happy to help you. Tel: +971 6 5578980 - Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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