Life Size Games Flooring  


Life Size Games Flooring

There is something fascinating about the LifeSize Games that can't be explained but only experienced. Mister Shade ME is providing this interesting experience by supplying and installing Life-Size flooring in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain) and the Middle East. The game addicts will go gaga over this giant-size games in your space.

Life Size Games Flooring

Snake and Ladder Game

The snake and ladder game is classic fun for ages. However, the giant one will be great fun for the back garden or children's parties since the players act as counters. In this version of snake and ladder, there are no counters; the kid has to jump from columns, climb up the stairs and get engulfed by the snake. Our Life-size Snake and ladder game is designed to provide active fun for all ages, even adults. Our flooring is long-lasting and durable.

Safety is the foremost thing that comes in the minds of parents when they send their kids to play in this kind of area. Especially, this snake and ladder will cause some fleeting moments of anxiety for the parents. However, our flooring is made to provide a safe and secure environment for the kids.

The life-size snake and ladder flooring is an interactive game flooring installed outdoors as well as indoors to provide a fun experience to the kids. Our floorings are made with high-quality materials and withstand the harsh use. It is designed to stand the severe weather of the Middle East region as well. Our snake and ladder are available in paver coating as well as rubber tiles. 


Life-Size Chess Board Flooring

Giant chess boards are incredibly different from the normal chess boards. The normal chessboard works with our brain, whereas the life-size chessboard offers a communal experience by forcing everyone to have a piece of the action. Life-size chess can become a team sport, where the viewers will have a say on the moves, and everyone will come forward to volunteer the chess piece movements.

It is a perfect outdoor activity to mingle with neighbors and make friends. However, the size of the life-size chessboard can be varied according to the requirement of the clients. The giant chess board comes with a different style as well. You can choose the required size and style according to your desire, and our team will make it for you after the proper inspection of the site. They will accurately note down the requirement and build a Life-Size Chess Board of your dreams.

Our Life-Size Chess Board flooring is made to last longer. They can withstand the harsh weather of UAE and hence maintaining the original color and style for long. They are also designed to withstand rough usage. The maintenance part of this flooring is easy since a quick rinse with a hose will remove any dirt and make them look best in no time. 

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